Website improvement

Web site improvement

If you and your business is already represented on the Internet, but for any factor or set of reasons the site has stopped you to arrange, no need to rush to pay for the development of a new web resource. You can choose the service of improvement of the existing website, if desired, without affecting the graphic design, and change only the software solutions. The resource needs to be fine-tuned if errors in its functioning are found, there is a need to install or modify the administrative part, slow loading at high attendance, or simply was not correctly completed and debugged by previous developers code.

Order the completion of the site is cheaper.

Another reason for ordering the service is the desire of the owner to expand the functional reserves, for example, to add a function, or simply to rework the menu structure and navigation, to organize the call of additional pages. The service includes updating of text and graphic materials in order to improve the ranking in search results. Cardinal modernization is also possible if it is necessary to transfer a resource to the CMS management system. But even difficult work in any case will cost cheaper than creating from scratch.

The proposed assistance is very relevant and in demand in last time on corporate portals is increasing the load required to significantly improve efficiency. It also happens that the sites of some enterprises were created as an initial option and ceased to functionally meet the increased expectations of the owner at the present stage of development of information technologies. All your requirements regarding the design and content of the pages will be carefully studied and taken into account in the process of completion.

Features of the updated site.

Often it turns out that technical problems are associated with the limited capacity of the hosting company, on the servers of which the project is located. This problem is solved only by switching to another, more reliable hosting provider. All the necessary assistance in the selection of high-quality and optimal for the price of hosting and transfer, will be provided to you.

For the web representation, the promotion of which was not engaged, or conducted the work did not bring the desired result, it is useful to change the domain. Sonorous and most appropriate to the direction of your organization name greatly simplify the promotion of the updated web resource. As a result, you will get almost a new virtual representation, but at a much lower cost, as part of your previous developments will be used.

The cost of Website improvement-from 20 pounds.Depending on what you want to do.

Each project is an individual solution which is also evaluated individually.

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