Removing the virus from the site

A big trouble can be infection of your company’s website with a virus. This happens if malicious Javascript can be embedded in the HTML code of one of the pages. If the infection is only limited to this, it is easy to remove such a virus, but if the script has managed to penetrate the CMS of the site, the consequences can be much more serious. Visitors to the site will be concerned about the behavior of anti-virus SOFTWARE on their computers on your site and begin to avoid it. Search engines will make the site in the register of dangerous, and browser programs will block access and warn users about the danger.

Remove viruses from the site and clean the code immediately

An infected site needs to be treated urgently, because every hour of its stay in such a state causes irreparable damage to its reputation and can have a catastrophic impact on future attendance. The situation can be much more complicated if the viruses penetrated into the CMS will be able to remove some of the information or disrupt the engine. In this case, after the removal of viruses, you will have to deal with the operability of its software structure and restore the lost information from the backups, if they were created.

By entrusting this responsible work to me, you will save time and money. I, a private webmaster, for many years professionally engaged in programming and creating sites on various engines, so I can make virus removal and restoration of the site quickly and efficiently. After the resource is restored to working order, you will need to monitor and make sure that no attempts are made to infect the resource again. All works will be carried out in one working day.

Benefits to access the private affiliate are:

  • the urgency and quick response;
  • high qualification;
  • great work experience;
  • guarantee of confidentiality;
  • possibility of continuous cooperation.

Having started working together in such a force majeure situation, you will be able to assess my business and professional qualities and consider the possibility of continuous cooperation to prevent a repetition of what happened in the future. Infection with the virus often manifests itself not immediately. After analyzing unauthorized connections via FTP or SSH Protocol and the status of various services of the site, it is possible to know in advance about the threat and to take timely protective measures. Therefore, by signing a contract with me for maintenance and anti-virus protection of your site, you can be confident in the future safe and stable operation of the resource.The cost of Removing the virus from the site -from 50 pounds.

The cost of Removing the virus from the site -from 50 pounds.

Each project is an individual solution which is also evaluated individually.

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