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You Need A Professional Blog!

We live in an unstable time. There is no certainty that tomorrow will not be fired from work. Do not close your business, which was given so much time and effort. The economy is unstable, the standard of living is falling. Prices are rising. In a crisis, you want to have a safety cushion. That is why it is necessary to create a source of income through the Internet. Many have opened their business online and have not regretted it! I suggest you open your blog and start making money on it .

Your own website will give you confidence in the future!

Blog on WordPress is a full-fledged website!

I offer a service to create a professional blog, which in the near future will be your breadwinner. Your own website will work for you 24/7. Create your own asset that will generate income even when you sleep.

Anyone can become a blogger, everyone has their own life experience, which can be shared with people. You can teach people how to plant tomatoes, make websites, travel on bikes, buy real estate, draw, knit, bake delicious pies, learn English, play piano, etc. Make your talents bring you money!

What the blog includes

  • Installing the latest version of the WordPress script
  • Setting up a blog
  • Setting up attendance statistics.
  • Creating RSS feeds on feedburner
  • Installation of sidebar widgets
  • Install the best plugins
  • Customizing text widgets
  • Creating pages: about the author, contacts, blog map, recommend
  • Connecting a blog with social networks
  • Installation of traffic counters
  • Spam protection
  • Protection against hacking
  • Setting up a backup of Mysql files and database
  • Setting up a quality design that you will choose yourself
  • Installation of advertising banners

I give a guarantee of quality. Do not doubt, You will be satisfied!

You will have no fear that the blog can be hacked. Your money, strength, time will be safe.

Your blog will be very bright, beautiful, modern, can be proudly demonstrated to friends and partners. Your blog is Your face, business card, rest assured that I will make every effort to ensure that he “sold” You as a professional!The cost of creating a Personal blog – from 100 pounds.Depending on what you want to see on your page.

The cost of creating a Personal blog – from 100 pounds.Depending on what you want to see on your page.

Each project is an individual solution which is also evaluated individually.