Maintenance & support

Site maintenance and support

Want to never know the worries with your website again?

To make it work constantly, providing a stable flow of customers?

To be able to add the necessary function at any time?

To ensure that the information on your site fresh and relevant?

I can provide all this and more.

Your site should work for you, make a profit. After all, you knowingly invested in its creation.

It can be used for selling your products or services, marketing promotion, customer feedback — you will get a positive return in any case. But only on the condition that the performance of the site is always maintained at the proper level.

Many Internet users judge organizations by the efficiency, design and functionality of their websites.

Agree, it would be a shame to lose a prospective client if the site “falls” at the most inopportune moment. Or if the client does not find relevant information.

To prevent such cases is one of the functions of site maintenance.

So, if the site is made not just “for show”, if you really want to use its capabilities at full capacity, support is necessary.

What you get by entrusting me with site maintenance:

  • improvement of functionality, error correction. If you want to add several additional features to an already working site;
  • regular backup of content (in case of any unexpected situation, you can restore the site from a copy in a few minutes;
  • domain and hosting support;
  • regular updating and updating of information on the website (texts, pictures, videos, audio and other files);
  • services for resource optimization, search engine promotion;
  • setting up, support of corporate mail;
  • collection of statistics – analysis of visits, visitors ‘ behavior, search queries, etc.;
  • my advice on issues related to the site.

Why you should contact a private webmaster

You can organize support of the site in different ways: entrusting it to your employee, a professional company or a private webmaster, that is me.

Have you decided to do with the efforts of your employee? You will have to provide him with working space and equipment. If you attract a third-party specialist-these costs will not be needed, you will pay only for the services rendered and nothing more.

Working with the company is not without pitfalls. You do not communicate directly with the developers, you can wait a long time for the application (sometimes weeks). Services for the maintenance of the site will cost more due to the fact that it needs to contain a staff of specialists.

By contacting me-a private webmaster-you will get support even on holidays and weekends, because I have a flexible work schedule. I’m always available. With me you can quickly and effectively resolve any issues.

I am a specialist who will provide comprehensive technical support for your website. Quickly solve problems, and implements wishes at any time

The cost of Maintenance & support-from 60 pounds per week.Depending on what you want to do for web site.

Each project is an individual solution which is also evaluated individually.

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