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  • Will need to purchase hosting and a domain (the name and location of the site). With this question I will help-pick up a domain name, find inexpensive and high-quality hosting for free!
  • Next, you need to determine the goals and structure of the site;
  • You will also need to prepare materials for the initial content of the site.
  • Information about the company’s activities, services and products, results of work, your benefits, if you have certificates and licenses, portfolio, reviews.
  • In the presence, the acquired initial materials for advertising banners or booklets.
  • If necessary, provide photographs, logo, corporate identity for design.

Hosting-a service to provide dedicated space on the server to host the site (files and databases), available on the Internet.

For each web project hosting is selected individually. The price of hosting depends on the bandwidth of the channel, allocated disk space, CPU load and other options.

A domain name is a site name, a symbolic expression that helps to find addresses of Internet resources (for example: web-qink.co.uk)

The cost of developing a simple site – from 100 pounds. This type of site is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and allows you to Express yourself at minimal cost to develop the resource.

There are no restrictions on the content content of the web resource. The site will be equipped with a convenient control system in the language you use. You can create an unlimited number of new sections, pages, product groups and products.

Terms of development depend on the complexity of the project (design, number of web elements, functionality), as well as on the type of site you choose. For example, the production of “Blog or Landing page” with a standard design will be an average of 4 – 10 days. Terms for the development of a successful business site with individual design on average about 2-4 weeks.

As a rule, my clients do not have time to provide information and materials for filling the site, as I work quickly and efficiently. That is, more often the development time depends on the customer.

The process of approval is delayed, as a rule, in cases where the decision by the customer company takes not one but several people.

If the customer timely provides materials for the site, as well as quickly passes the stages of approval, the development time is halved!

The cost of work depends on the availability of certain software modules and components, on the content content, as well as on the complexity of the design.

When creating a website, the primary content is included in the development cost that you provide me.

  • I can offer the services in maintenance of a web resource, on filling with content (the flexible system of discounts works);
  • or to teach Your staff the basics of site administration.

Yes, of course, I can develop a website with a selling structure and design, the main purpose of which will be to increase the number of customers and sales. It can be a multi-page site or (Landing Page).

Yes, I provide technical and informational support of the site. I am ready to cooperate as a content Manager, as well as to deal with the promotion of the site on a long-term basis. I work with many clients for 5-6 years.

Yes, I will develop an effective site “turnkey” given the characteristics of your business! With this approach, it is necessary to “work in one team” with the Customer, immerse yourself in business processes, analyze competitive issuance, determine the structure of the site and the volume of content on its pages.

Web-mastery seriously engaged in 2008. Today I have extensive experience in creating and promoting Internet resources, I have developed more than 340 web projects.

Any client of mine is the best advertisement for me. If I do my job well, You can speak well of me over a Cup of coffee with your friends. It is not profitable for me to provide poor quality services for You.