Creating an online store

To create an online store means to open new opportunities for your business. Today, stores in the traditional sense tend to attract additional sources of profit through the online store. In some segments, the share of profit from Internet sales is the main and is up to 90% of total sales. You can create a turnkey online store right now. With the help of a convenient management system you will be able to add new products, change their characteristics, manage inventory. With the help of a convenient filter on the characteristics and manufacturers of the goods, the buyer will always find what he needs.

The service of creating an online store includes:

  • Development and approval of the original site design with the customer
  • Site management system installation and configuration
  • Product catalogue
  • Shopping cart
  • Callback form
  • Feedback form
  • Filling the site with text and graphic information up to 20 pages and products(your information)
  • Installing the site search module
  • Registration in search engines

The production of the online store allows you to sell around the clock, while you significantly save on the maintenance of the warehouse, office, office equipment and furniture, as well as on the maintenance of a large staff.

Design features of the online store

When designing the design of the online store should take into account the features of product categories. For example, for online stores with goods economy class design should not be too pretentious, at the psychological level not to scare off a potential buyer. And also negatively affects the reverse situation when premium products are placed on the showcase of an online store with an outdated and too austere design. An important factor is the convenience of placing all the main blocks of the site, so that visitors can easily find the necessary information.

Ordering an online store from me you get a resource that will make a favorable impression on visitors and will perform all its tasks.

The cost of creating a E-shop -from 500 pounds.Depending on what you want to see on your page.

Each project is an individual solution which is also evaluated individually.