Corporate website

Creating a corporate website

Creating a corporate website is a solution for those who know exactly what they want to get from the promotion of their services. Ha what site you can place anything — from company news to online store. When developing the design takes into account the volume of the site, so the design and layout are optimized for high speed. To order a corporate website means to get everything you can from the Internet.

What is a corporate website?

A corporate site is, in General, a web interface for an employee to access corporate data and applications. Often the corporate portal is perceived as a synonym of the Internet. An alternative view is that the corporate portal is only a visible part of the Internet for the user.

Why do you need a corporate website?

Creating a corporate website is a solution for established business, for those who keep up with the times and technologies. This is a functional and convenient tool, the purpose of which is that the client can get all the necessary information about the company and use its services without making unnecessary phone calls. The site can be used to publish the cost of your services and the order of their provision, company news, as well as for the sale of goods and attract new customers. Corporate site-it’s solid pros, but do not put too much hope on it, for example, to think that the creation of a site will help a loss-making enterprise.

Advantages of corporate website:

  • Easy to find the necessary information about the company. Potential customers no longer need to call your managers to learn more about the characteristics of goods, prices and other points. All this information contains your website
  • Effective advertising element in the activities of your company
  • Saving money on advertising, because online advertising is much cheaper than advertising in the media, etc
  • Reliable operational information for clients (goods/services of the company, promotions), as well as the information necessary for the client about the company (EE Outlook, methods of communication, location of offices and much more)
  • Possibility of convenient collaboration: acceleration of work on the project, quick response to the wishes of the client
  • New effective control tools: working correspondence of employees will be controlled, Internet access can be disabled/restricted. You can see a graph of the absence of staff and know the degree of employment of the employee
  • Increasing customer confidence in the company: due to the openness and software equipment of the company, the corporate portal becomes an additional sales channel for your organization
  • Huge time savings: a single knowledge base to keep the corporate information of the company-your new employees successfully adapt, employees will quickly find the necessary information. Routine operations will be automated
  • Effective working communication: communication of employees will be more convenient due to the instant messaging system. Employees can work together on the project-the result is obtained at times faster and without loss of quality
  • Informing about the company’s events: news and events of the company will be reflected in the ” live feed — – employees are always aware of what is happening, can respond quickly to information
  • Improving the image of your company: transparency of work with partners, the ability to access project documents and control the progress of the project increases the level of confidence in your company

The cost of creating a Corporate website -from 170 pounds.Depending on what you want to see on your page.

Each project is an individual solution which is also evaluated individually.