Advantage of cooperation

Why I have, cheaper, better, more convenient!

I will try to list the main advantages of cooperation with a private webmaster.

You may ask why it is cheaper to order a website or promote it from a private designer?

The lower price is obtained due to an integrated approach, as well as the exclusion of unnecessary links from the pricing chain, saving money on advertising costs, salaries of employees (project managers, project managers, accountants, etc.) and other costs.

Surely You thought that quality sites can only be created by a professional web Studio confidently to gain a foothold in our market. In most cases, this is not the case, I will explain why.

The companies have a staff where everyone is responsible for the direction:

  • the project Manager requires the implementation of the plan;
  • the Manager accepts the order;
  • project Manager in the future interacts with the customer;
  • the designer creates the layout;
  • the layout designer from the design layout prepares the template in markup languages;
  • the programmer writes code that implements the functionality;
  • content Manager fills the site with information;
  • optimizer is engaged in promotion

All would be well, but these people work for a salary and perform their duties as they are paid for them, and the payment of ordinary workers is not always fair, while the head has to constantly adjust them, trying to control something-because of what mistakes and shortcomings are allowed in the projects.

Also, shortcomings arise due to work on several projects at the same time and the lack of coordination of employees. All of the above employees do not always take into account the specifics of each other’s work. Of course, we are not talking about all web studios, but about those where a huge staff is inflated and the main goal is to collect as many projects as possible…

Why are my services at a high level?

Any client of mine is the best advertisement for me. If I do my job qualitatively-create and promote websites, then You can respond well to me over a Cup of coffee with your friends. It is not profitable for me to provide poor quality services for You.

This helps me a lot of experience, the first site was developed in 2008, since 2010 professionally engaged in web development, which guarantees high usability of created sites. I believe that creating a website is an art in which there is no place for templates, in each of my projects a lot of personal time and effort is invested.

What is the convenience of work?

  • First, you communicate personally with me-with the final performer, but not with the Manager of firm who will transfer Your wishes to several more employees “playing the spoiled phone”.
  • Secondly, if necessary, I can come to the office to the customer and at a personal meeting to discuss further details of our cooperation.
  • Third, with this approach, the performance of services for you will be more transparent and understandable. Having experience, knowledge in the field of web skills, I can give useful advice, offer complete solutions for the presentation of the company’s services on the Internet, analyzing the specifics of the business – to offer targeted requests for which it is more effective to promote an online resource or run an advertising campaign.

In other words, I will understand and take into account All your wishes and proceed directly to the execution of the order, and You will be more informed, you will know what you pay money for (if you want, you can always find out – at what stage the project is being developed).

You can continue to list the reasons why it is more profitable to work with me, but I think these advantages of providing services for the creation and promotion of sites is enough. My portfolio will say it better than any words.