About me

Hi! My name is Sergey I am a private webmaster (freelancer). Creating websites is my hobby since 2008, and since 2010 on the basis of experience and their promotion. The main direction of my activity in this area are the services of webmasters.

During these 11 years of work, I have accumulated vast experience in both the development and optimization of Internet resources. Of course, we should not hide the fact that during this time a lot of things have changed, improved, web technologies have become more widespread and carry more tasks and requirements every year, but it only becomes more interesting. Providing services of the web master makes me all the time to be in good shape, self-develop and improve. It is necessary to keep abreast of all developments in the field of programming and creation of web technologies, as well as to optimize the created sites.

The main advantage of my work is the creation of a website on the basis of technical specifications (the main wishes of the customer). Services webmasters involve not only the ability to create, it is also important to be able to consolidate your product in this area and give it a boost to development.

The main goal of my work is to create a high – quality and successful resource for many years, not the speed of the work performed for a low fee.

In the presence of an impressive number of companies providing services in the field of Internet technologies, many customers prefer to cooperate with private owners. This is a rational grain, expressed in several advantages.

Communication directly. The client has the opportunity to communicate with the developer directly, without intermediaries (consultants, managers, secretaries, managers), which greatly facilitates the understanding and accelerates the process of creating a website.
Minimum costs. A private webmaster works without an office, without hiring additional staff and without purchasing a large amount of equipment. Its services are 50-70% cheaper with the same quality and level of work.
High quality. The private trader works for himself, not for the company, so you can count on the maximum return. Thinking about the reputation, I create competitive sites with modern design and clear functionality for visitors and resource owners.
No restrictions on working hours. Web studios work in working time mode, with weekends and holidays. In the interests of the client I am in touch on any day of the week, without rigid time frames, including night hours and holidays. This is especially important for those who can not control the process of creating and promoting sites in the daytime and weekdays in connection with business employment.
In addition to creating sites, I can offer customers a range of additional services, including the selection and registration of a domain name, selection of hosting and tariff plan, update, promotion and support of websites.

Summarizing the above, I note that the services of a private trader-the best solution for those who appreciate the quality and not used to throw money down the drain.